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Word press plugin Development

Introduction:- A variety of topics are covered by plugin Developer like what you should include in plugin header, best practices to security , and details about the tools you can use to build your plugin. Word press plugins can be simple sometimes or can be complicated according to your needs. Word press include three major components:-
• Themes
• Core
• Plugins

Word press theme Development

Word press themes are files which help in designing and functionality of a word press site. All themes are different and helpful for site owners to instantly change their website look. Word press theme development helps you to create a unique look for word press site.

Functional backend

Once a word press website is handed over to client, it should be champagne for everyone. There are plenty of things that can go wrong after handover.one should replace the admin username. One should change the login page from the default wp- login.php. After that one should add login protection.

Benefits of Word press Website

Usually business owners hesitate to launch a new website due to its high cost of having others design, build, and maintain a website. Some people who do not have much time to spend on setting up a new website can find someone to build them a very professional business website. Compared to static website one should go for word press website because of its flexibility and it is easy to use. Website is an instrument that takes your business to the next level for any business man. Web development services are the pillars on which someone’s business built. It is technology era which becomes a market place. According to your business nature one can customise website themes. If you are in kids business you can choose kids themes like Disney.

Here are five key benefits of word press website

1.  There are thousands of themes available for word press. These themes allow you to change the design of your website as soon as possible.

2.  Because these themes can updated more frequently and content tends to be structured well Google loves word press sites. Compared to the static website it is quite easy to get ranking for word press website. As recommending word press for business sites, Google has even gone on records.

3.  A thriving engaged community support word press websites. According to a recent survey it is estimated that 8% of the sites on internet are run by word press. If you get stuck there are thousands of designers, developers and enthusiasts are there to help you out.

4. Word press websites are very easy to update. You just need to create a word document, just publish a new article to your word press website. Once your article is set up, one can update it anytime. It is very important for engagement with your visitors and for search engines.

5. Without knowing how to programme, plugins allow you to extend the functionality of your word press site. There are more than 10000 plugins available that can help someone add all kinds of functions to your websites, like SEO, Social media sharing, Photo slideshows and much more.

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